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Calligraphy is a form of visual art and is often referred to as an art of stylish handwriting. A modern definition of calligraphy is "the art of expressing thoughts with beauty, harmony and peace". This word has been derived from two Greek words- kallos and graphos which mean ‘beauty’ and 'writing' respectively.

The significance of calligraphy is that it enhances creativity in one’s handwriting, improves concentration, develops artistic skills and increases patience. Even the legendary Steve Jobs has given credit to calligraphy for being what he was in his profession. He stated "If I had never dropped in on that single calligraphy course in college, the Mac would have never had multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts."

The recent diverse applications of Calligraphy extend to paintings, maps, legal documents, cut stone inscriptions, ceramics, memorial documents and other handmade presentations.

Creatively lettered artwork merchandise is in great demand. Another option is body art designing in conjunction with tattoo artists, which is becoming a rage amongst today’s youth.

Write Right offers a uniquely designed course to equip its students interested in Calligraphy. They are trained to learn the different styles on the basis of typography. Our methods assist in gaining the ability to form fluid and spontaneous characters, which can be improvised regularly, while being written. We train beyond the use of Calligraphic pens.


  • Duration of 15 days
  • One hour daily
  • Individualized training
  • Exclusive Course material

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many fonts do you teach in calligraphy?

We offer basic practice in 8 historical fonts igniting your creative instincts.

2. Will I be able to create my own fonts?

We have systematically designed the program in such a way that if you are creative enough, you can develop your own fonts with ease.

3. What is the use of calligraphy in our life or in professional career?

Calligraphy is the simplest means of enhancing creative abilities. It is used by students in academic projects. Professionals use it for designing wedding cards. Calligraphy is also used in print and electronic media, movies and designer name plates etc. It can be chosen as a profession in the field of Advertising, and Designing. The beverage industry uses calligraphy fonts on its labels.

4. Does it have any benefit towards personal development?

Yes, it has an impact on your personal life as it develops many aspects of human behavior. It makes you expressive, presentable, creative, conscious, and self controlled.

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