Graphology Adolescents

How to give a sample

Please submit the handwriting sample of candidate and take care of the following points for best results
  • 1. Take 4 A4 size plain, un-ruled papers and staple them together (there should not be any margins lines or folds on the paper)
  • 2. Use your favorite writing instrument but not pencil.
  • 3. The best sample is at least full page. Write anything about yourself or about any topic you love to, write spontaneously or normally. Don’t copy from book/magazine and don’t write poetry or lyrics of songs.
  • 4. Write in your normal style. If you write in print then also write a paragraph of cursive writing (you should not worry about spelling mistake or grammatical errors). If English is not your first language then please give one more sample (4 A4 size plain, un-ruled papers) in your native language.
  • 5. If you are under any medication that might affect your handwriting, please mention which one(s)
  • 6. Mention any physical or emotional trauma that you may have suffered in the last twelve months or any other illness that might affect your state of mind. This information would be of help to the graphologist.
  • 7. Advice for Corporate: If the writer has given a handwritten application, please do send it as it will be helpful for better analysis. (If the handwritten application is not on plain paper and you cannot ask for a sample again then this application will also serve the purpose, but if possible a sample collected as per the instructions would be appreciable).
  • 8. Sign your name as you normally do.
  • 9. Mention your approximate age, sex. Please mention if you are a left or right hander.


  • The sample should be written when you are relaxed.
  • Do not drink alcohol before or during the period of writing.
  • Be seated comfortably at a table.
  • If you have more than one styles of writing, include samples of each.

Send the sample to:

Master Mind Tutorials Pvt. Ltd.

51, Sampat Hills,
In front of Sahara City,
Bicholi Mardana Bypass,
Indore – 452016
Madhya Pradesh, India

Payment Specification

Method 1- Post a draft or pay order with the sample if you are from India.
Method 2 - Click the Pay pal link above to order the service required. Fill the contact form informing us of your writing sample being mailed
Services offered In INR Metro (in INR) In $
Children Psychological analysis 1200 1500 30
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