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As a child all of us were taught to write. But, our handwriting changed as we grew. We do not continue to write in the same way when we first learnt to write.

The fact that we don't write in the same way is that we are not the same person as we were in our childhood. Our handwriting will keep changing with the passage of time. Our handwriting if analyzed, will speak volumes about us as it represents our state of mind as on that day and is also a reflection of our various personality traits.

Handwriting has a strong and direct relationship with the state of writer’s body and mind. It has been a serious study since 1964 when the Italian physician Camillo Baldi wrote the first graphological treatise. His work is still valued.

Graphology, commonly known as Handwriting analysis is a pseudo-scientific study of handwriting to analyze the various personality traits of an individual.

The handwriting analysis is becoming popular in corporate houses, marital relationships, among unemployed youth, students and others. as it helps in discovering the personality traits which remain undisclosed and needs to be worked upon.

Everyone has a unique handwriting and it acts like an individual identity. No two writings are similar. These differences underline the uniqueness of one’s personalities.

The principles of graphology were adapted based on the study of millions of signatures and handwriting samples of both great and common people, achievers and failures. The study spanning for over a period of 2 decades has made Write Right’s team of handwriting experts extract inferences based on the characteristics found in handwriting and not on the content.

The Graphologists may chart the profile of the writer on the basic of traits like

  • Level of honesty
  • Communication skills
  • Degree of work drive
  • Emotional stability
  • Vitality
  • Creativity and more.

We are proud to present specialized services mentioned below.


Exclusive services for corporate to help make effective business decisions.

Graphology is an accurate and cost-effective technique that make hiring reliable

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Exclusive individualized services for Students, Professional,
Home makers etc.

Encash your strenghts and overcome all your weaknesses through handwriting analysis.

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Specialzed services for parents and children to bridge the communication gap.

Understand your kids in the most difficult phase of their life through graphology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of services do you provide in handwriting analysis? Do you serve your clients with individualized needs?

We provide services to Corporate, Management, Human resource, Individuals and kids. We give our clients the report based on specific personality traits of their interests.

2. What is the procedure of application to this service?

You can apply in 2 ways either directly to the company or through authorized associates. When you apply directly to company you have to deposit the amount as mentioned in the form. In case of the authorized center, you can give your sample and deposit the amount to the authorized center.

3. How much time will you take to give the report?

We have an expert panel of graphologists. The detailed report takes 3-4 days of time. It is sent both in soft and hard copies. If you have applied directly, then you can view your report after the company’s confirmation at our website. The total time taken for the report to reach you is 7-10 days.

4. How much will the company charge?

The Company will charge you 1500 in metro cities or in "A" class cities in India and 1200 for the rest of India. For other countries, $50 will be charged exclusive of the cost of the postage/courier.

5. How accurate is the result?

Graphology is a pseudo-scientific method and the expected results are in the range of 80-90%.

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