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Today’s computer age has added pace to communication and handwriting seems to have taken a backstage. But is it really so? Handwriting is taking a full circle; its need is being felt once again. The initial learning, early academic success and overall student confidence is directly related to handwriting. Other scientific tests conducted have re-established the role of handwriting in activating a large section of the brain.

Handwriting skills are the foundation for academic success. Handwriting is an integral part of learning of words, their spellings and the language as a whole. It helps to communicate thoughts and ideas within a reasonable time, through a readable product. Good writing habit adds to enriched vocabulary. Let us not forget the excitement of writing ones' name for the first time.

Good handwriting is always a matter of pride for the student, and legibly written answer sheets always fetch higher grades than the illegible ones. Illegible writing affects learning of spellings, and also the language itself. A student’s underdeveloped handwriting skills which includes both quantity and quality of writing, results into the inability to express effectively. This has been proved beyond doubt in several studies conducted worldwide.

Our endeavor is to develop students as legible and fluent writers. It is the second most effective mode of communication. Evidences do not indicate that anything will ever replace handwriting, because the effective use of a keyboard will largely depend on your ability to express and this is developed only through good handwriting skills.

Handwriting is a complex activity that involves an effective mind and motor coordination. It is rightly said that handwriting reflects the entire personality of an individual.

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