Frequently Asked Questions


1. How can you guarantee 100% money back and what is your method for handwriting repair?

We have served more than 4, 00,000 students with 100% results across 1000+ centers in different countries and have never failed by far. The technique used by us is scientific and foolproof. Our trainers focus 100% on identified technical errors and repair them.


2. Do you give personal attention to each student?

Every child’s handwriting problems are different and so are the requirements. Our experts analyze and identify individual flaws in one’s writing and tutor to repair accordingly. It therefore becomes mandatory for the trainer to give personal attention to every child.


3. Isn’t your fee is too high?

Yes, our fee is high at the face value. Our training procedures are backed-up with 16 years of Research and Development. Every trainer of ours is well trained and certified. Our training process is customized to meet the needs of individual handwriting. Once you see the results you will feel that our fee is just right.


4. Is the result of your programs permanent?

The results are permanent as we teach the students based on scientifically proven techniques. The retention depends upon the capability of the students and their conscious efforts of implementing the advices into their writing.


5. Does your programs have any benefit in personal development?

Yes, it has an impact on your personal life as it develops many aspects of human behavior. It makes you expressive, presentable, creative, conscious, and self controlled.


6. What kind of services do you provide in handwriting analysis? Do you serve your clients with individualized needs?

We provide services to Corporate, Management, Human resource, Individuals and kids. We give our clients a specialized report to fulfill their needs based on their requirements related to professional aptitude or personal traits.


7. What is the procedure of application to handwriting analysis service?

You can apply in 2 ways either directly to the company or through authorized associates. When you apply directly to company you have to deposit the amount as mentioned in the form. In case of the authorized center, you can give your handwriting sample and deposit the amount to the authorized center.


8. How much time will you take to give the report for handwriting analysis?

We have expert panel of graphologists but detailed report takes 3-4 days of time. It will be sent in both soft and hard copies. If you have applied directly, then you can view your report after the company’s confirmation at our website. The total time taken is between 7 to 10 days.


9. How much will the company charge?

The Company will charge you Rs. 1500/- in metro cities or in "A" class cities in India and 1200/- for the rest of India. For other countries, $30 will be charged exclusive of the cost of the postage/courier.


10. How accurate is the result of handwriting analysis?

Graphology is a pseudo-scientific method and the expected results are in the range of 80-90%.

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