Why Handwriting is still important?

Students who write better, learn better, and express better, they also have good command over the language. Hence, experts advocate students to master ‘Good Handwriting Skills’ early, to lay a strong foundation for enhancing writing, reading, and expressing abilities for assured academic success.

Write Right And Its Concept

Write Right - The World’s Largest Chain Of Handwriting Institutes, offers penmanship solution in all writing styles, for every possible problem you can think of.

Writing with the hand is not just picking a writing instrument to write on a paper. It involves ‘Mind & Motor Coordination’. No wonder the Experts call handwriting as Brain Writing. To understand our views sees the video.

Handwriting Programs

Handwriting Programs

Write Right offers a wide range of programs targeted towards achieving 100% legibility through ‘Handwriting Improvement Program’, excellent speed with legibility through ‘Speed Writing’ program and remarkable creativity through ‘Calligraphy’.

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Teachers Training Workshop

Our handwriting experts provide training to your teachers for introducing penmanship skills among students from KG to higher classes and also train to empathize with students having serious issues of handwriting and how to guide them towards good handwriting skills.

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Handwriting, Drawing and Art & Craft Books

‘My Handwriting Book’, ‘My Drawing Book’ and ‘My Craft Book’ the world’s only conceptual curriculum books. ‘My Handwriting Books’ for developing and revisiting Handwriting skills, ‘My Drawing Books’ train to master the creative abilities of school-going children and ‘My Craft Books’ for providing step by step exposure to kids and enhance their dexterity and agility.

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Parent Testimonials

My son’s illegible handwriting was a concern for me when I visited Write Right; they offer their 7 days handwriting improvement course for him. I was not very confident about the course but kudos to Write Right, in just 7 days my son handwriting transformed from illegible to wow. Highly impressed with the extraordinary result. Thanks to Write Right.

Pranay Shinde Pune, Maharashtra

When I visited the Write Right center, the counselor showed me some handwriting samples of their students before the course and after the course. I couldn’t trust the improvement shown is real, but somehow the counselor convinced me to join the 7 days Handwriting improvement program. I must say that it was a miraculous course of 7 days, which completely transformed my handwriting. I am extremely happy with the result.

Manohar Singh Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Now, I agree that Handwriting can be improved at any age. Write Right absolutely change my mind. Being in the medical profession, I realized that the small illegibility in writing the prescription can put patients’ lives in danger. So I took the help of Write Right for removing the illegibility of Handwriting, and I proudly say My Handwriting is changed dramatically, Thanks Write Right.

Dr. P.K. Rajeshwari Coimbatore, Tamilnadu

My daughter Nimrit is good in studies, but always got fewer marks due to her slow writing. Being a parent, I was very worried about her upcoming board exams. My colleague suggested me to enroll her in the Write Right Speed Writing Program. In 15 days of enrolling at Write Right, her writing speed improved remarkably. Thanks Write Right.

Parnamjeet Kaur Chandigarh

When I showed the homework copy to my class teacher, she was not ready to accept it that this is my handwriting then; I wrote a paragraph to convince her. I will never forget this incident happened with me after the Write Right course.

Ananya Sachdeva Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

My handwriting was not so poor, but it was slow. When I shared my problem with Write Right Counsellor, she asked me to join 2 programs of Write Right, first handwriting improvement for 7 days and second speed writing for 15 days. I was not ready for handwriting improvement program because my handwriting is medium, but she advised me to join both the program. So I enrolled myself in Handwriting Improvement, then Speed Writing Program. During the First 7 days, I was not very happy because I was doing it unwillingly, but when I completed the speed writing program, surprisingly my speed was double with more legibility. Thanks to Write Right.

Agrima Mahanta Navi-Mumbai, Maharashtra

My daughter had developed a wrong pencil grip, due to this she was struggling with her writing; her handwriting was horrible, and slow too. We discussed all the things with the Write Right trainer; he took two months, but the result was very satisfactory. Now her handwriting is not only legible but, the pencil grip is also correct. I am thankful to Avinash Sir.

Akash Sharma Gurgaon, Haryana

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