Facts About Handwriting

Handwriting identifies to the conscious and subconscious traits of an individual’s personality. If anyone struggles with handwriting, they suffer from the ability of self-expression.

Slow Hand writers have problems with proper mind motor co-ordination, spellings, word formation, letter creation and discrimination between upper and lower case.

Once the mind and motor co-ordination are established properly, and the motor becomes automated the student’s mind is liberated to implement new ideas more creatively and effectively.

Boys have a higher frequency of handwriting problems than girls at initial ages.

Regardless of this ability, student’s legibility and speed of handwriting is the major factor determining a student’s achievement.

Fluency in handwriting is a fundamental part of learning. The child thinks and writes at the same time, when we teach the children to write, they also learn to express themselves. If they struggle to form their letters and words, the continuity of the thought process gets affected. Children who don’t master in handwriting may be slow, sloppy or have illegibility in writing.

Handwriting is a brain’s writing. One can judge an individual’s state of mind and personality from his/her style of writing, pressure, slants, space and margin formation, etc. differs every time, and narrates a different story about the writer.

Funny Facts

At least 1 in 10 patients' health suffers because of the physicians' handwriting. According to a study by the University Of Minnesota School Of Public Health, illegible handwriting and transcription errors cause over 60% of the medication mistakes in hospitals.

A plane crashed in December 1992 ... because of poor handwriting. The pilot misunderstood the co-pilot's scribbled notes and instrument readings. Acting on this wrong information, caused the crash which resulted in deaths.

Similarly, an internal investigation of a 1965 NASA failure revealed the surprising cause: being an engineer's misread instructions.

San Diego literacy researcher Patrick Groff has documented that, at least one out of every three school teacher writes so illegibly that the students have trouble reading the blackboard lessons, assignments, or the teacher's correction on written work. This makes learning and teaching “a hazardous process”.

HOLIDAY HANDWRITING HAVOC: UK postal system destroyed 5,000,000 illegibly addressed Christmas cards and letters

Each year the United States loses thousands of dollars for handwriting-related reasons.

(a) People make phone calls to wrong or non-existent numbers...

(b) Shipping firms deliver packages on the wrong dates or to the wrong addresses or ship the wrong items.

SARAH JESSICA WHO? How a handwriting error changed the name of the actress.

When celebrity-watching journalist Abigail Pogrebin interviewed HBO's Sarah Jessica Parker, the actress revealed that her family owes its last name to a series of bureaucratic blunders which included one handwriting error. Pogrebin quotes Parker in ABC news coverage: "My great-grandfather on my father's side [was surnamed] 'Bar-Kahn'... and the immigration officer thought he said 'Parken.' He wrote his N's like R's, so 'Parken' became 'Parker'... ".