Handwriting Can Be Improved At Any Age!


This remark usually comes with an exclamatory expression from the speaker or writer. It always comes with a tint of disbelief.


But, the fact is that Handwriting invariably, can be corrected at any age. The only condition applied is that the writer should have steady hands.


This means that a child of age 6 or an old man of age 60, anyone can improve their handwriting provided they decide to repair their handwriting and wanting to make it readable for all.


What it requires is:

1.      Identification of the technical flaws in one’s handwriting by an expert.

2.      Following the process as advised by the expert.

3.      Deciding consciously not to repeat the mistakes done in the past.


For school going children, it is important because more than 30% of the school hours are consumed in writing. It is the basic process, by which a student learns a language, remembers the spellings, adds to his vocabulary and can write his exams.


For a grown up adult, good handwriting is a reflection of his/her personality. It avoids embarrassments that can follow if you have to write a note.


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