Legible Handwriting Motivates The Writer


We have discussed previously about the importance of handwriting. Since handwriting is something that cannot be ignored, another considerable aspect is its legibility. It’s a simple rule that the more legible the handwriting is, the more is its impact.


Undoubtedly, legible handwriting motivates the writer to write and get benefitted of the benefits of writing. Legible handwriting attracts the readers and so encourages the write to write well. This helps him (or her) develop and identity among his social circle.


Let us highlight some probable reasons that motivate the writer because of his (or her) legible handwriting:


·         Score higher marks in exams due to enhanced legibility associated with handwriting

·         Brings appreciation from the people around in schools, colleges or at workplace

·         Gives an identity of being presented as being rational and organized

·         Helps gather qualitative knowledge to have an edge over others

·         Become well versed with daily writing like taking notes etc.


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