Handwriting Reveals Kids' Inner Anxiety


According to an article in Times of India, Kolkata, Handwriting reveals kids’ inner anxiety, dated August 24th, 2014 “At least 10 to 15% of the kids in a classroom are suffering from attention-related disorders, aggression and other psychological issues... Now, school counselors have started linking such psychological aberrations with handwriting saying that the way kids write often reveals their innermost turmoil.”

It has therefore become important for schools and teachers that they should spot the problems in the child’s handwriting and seek remedies from experienced graphologists and handwriting experts.

Ms. Jhimli in her article says, “It"s a complex situation and starts from the primary stage with bad handwriting. Children from the kindergarten stage are mandatory put through a handwriting regimen, first through pattern drawing and then formation of letters and cursive writing. This follows an international format certified by the UNICEF which should help them develop a legible, if not beautiful, handwriting by the time they are well into the primary stage. But, typically, there would be some kids, about seven to eight in a class of 45, who are not able to grasp these techniques, not because of a learning disorder but because they are suffering from deep psychosomatic disorders. Kids are divided into two categories Y2 and Y6 for this. The former indicates kids who are about seven years old and the latter are for those who are 11 years old. By the time they reach the Y2 stage, kids should be able to display a certain threshold of handwriting consistency, though the desired neatness happens at the Y6 stage. Children, who are still sloppy after Y6, are naturally displaying inner disturbance and need immediate psycho mapping and therapy, it is believed.”

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