Handwriting Enhances A Child


Keeping a child engaged into study or an educational activity for too long is quite difficult. Some students, especially those who take time in learning have a hard time in remaining focused for longer time. Even in their effort of trying to stay focused, they easily get distracted from the surrounding activities that catch their attention.


The effect…


As a result of children being distracted and losing their focus, their performance in the classroom is hampered. When a child is unable to perform, its confidence and morale gets affected which makes them reluctant in facing the competitions.


The Solution…


Handwriting is that art, which is believed to develop synchronization between the movement of hand and the brain. The brain consciously instructs the hand to write. Hence, handwriting is also known as Brain writing.


Enhanced handwriting skills involves cognizant involvement of brain and results into increased focus on the subject. It is a proven fact that things when written are remembered effectively for a longer time. Therefore, one should not be negligent towards handwriting and should take measures to have augmented handwriting skills.


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