Each one of us reading this article here might have experienced ourselves making use of computers and laptops or even smartphones recently. We think something, and instead of jotting it down on a paper we use a notepad on a laptop; we have to prepare a to-do list of work, we use apps on our smartphone; we have to make a report or present ideas to someone, we use MS-office on the PC. So when do we actually write on paper? Probably, not even once in a day!


Do you think handwriting will extinct in the days to come?


When we were kids, lot of stress was given to write well, after an age we were asked to start writing in cursive style or it would affect the exam results, attention was set on writing in ink and in pencil to do the necessary corrections (if any). But, now the schools have shifted their focus to teaching kids the print style instead of cursive, lessons on board are now delivered through projectors, certainly because they know as these children would grow they will type more.


Is handwriting really important for kids?


Definitely handwriting is vital for kids to learn. Handwriting is the base to what students’ type on computers. It helps in

·         Learning to identify symbols (alphabets)

·         developing a better understanding of the language

·         adding to the vocabulary

·         improved verbal & written communication

·         remembering the crux of the subject longer

·         reducing the errors while working.


How essential it is to emphasize on good handwriting?


A kid can never learn to type directly over the computer. It is a necessity that he first learns the language and the alphabets that makes meaning out of it, recognizes it and then utilizes it where ever required. It would not be incorrect if we say a person can never learn to type unless he/she learns to write.


Now, that we understand how important it is to write, let us know how important it is to write well i.e. have a good handwriting skills. A good handwriting

·         delivers the right message to the reader

·         makes your speech/expression effective

·         helps understand the overall personality

·         gets good admiration and appreciation

·         develops self-confidence


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